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At Vrjana Energies, our operations are the heartbeat of our mission to facilitate global crude oil trade. We pride ourselves on a seamless, efficient, and responsible operational framework, ensuring the safe and timely movement of crude oil across continents.


Our greatest asset is our team of professionals, whose expertise in the oil market, international trade, and operational management drives our success. Their dedication and skill are the foundation of our ability to offer exceptional service to our clients and partners.

Network and Relationships

The relationships we have nurtured with producers, suppliers, and clients around the world are invaluable assets. These partnerships enable us to operate efficiently in various markets and adapt to changing industry dynamics.


At Vrjana Energies we understand that our assets are fundamental to our success in the global crude oil market. Our assets, ranging from physical infrastructure to human expertise, are meticulously developed and managed to ensure excellence in every aspect of our operations.

About us

Vrjana Energies is a dynamic player in the global crude oil marketplace, committed to bridging the gap between the world’s oil-rich regions and markets with high demand. Founded in India, our company has rapidly established itself as a trusted partner in the import and export of crude oil, leveraging our extensive network, market expertise, and a relentless focus on efficiency and sustainability.