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At Vrjana Energies we understand that our assets are fundamental to our success in the global crude oil market. Our assets, ranging from physical infrastructure to human expertise, are meticulously developed and managed to ensure excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Storage Facilities

We own and operate state-of-the-art storage facilities strategically located in key global markets. These facilities are equipped with advanced technology for safe and efficient storage of crude oil, allowing us to maintain the integrity and quality of our products.

Transportation Fleet

Our diverse transportation fleet, including oil tankers, pipelines, and railcars, is pivotal in ensuring the smooth transit of crude oil across geographies. Regularly maintained and upgraded, our fleet meets the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance.

Technological Infrastructure

We invest in cutting-edge technology and systems for supply chain management, risk assessment, and operational efficiency. This infrastructure supports our decision-making processes, ensuring agility and precision in our market operations.